Services and Special Request Hotel/Apartment

Is the beach in price included?

Usually hotels offer its guests the reserved beach, already in price included. For those who concern apartments, it depends on the agency. We suggest you to check the offered services during the reservation process.

I need a cradle for my baby. What have I to do?

Depending on the booked accommodation, cradle may be available or not. We recommend you to request it during the reservation process on the box Note. Please note that, if not specified, the accommodation facility may not have the availability of cots and / or charges may be applicable.

I can do check-in/check-out before or after the times of hotel/agency?

If you are unable to make check-in or check-out in time, enter all your requests in the box Note during the reservation process. If you forgot to ask at time of booking or you've had an accident, contact the hotel/agency directly, especially in the case of different check-in time. Indeed, the accommodation facility may not be open during the night or the rooms and apartments may not yet be ready to accommodate you.

Where can I find the check-in and check-out times?

In the details of each room/apartament.

Where can I find direct contacts of hotel/agency?

Contacts are in the details of hotel/agency in the search results or in the complete list "Hotels and Aparthotels" and "Apartments" in the menu "Where to stay".

Are pets welcome?

It depends on the accommodation facilities. Look in the list of services of each hotel/agency.

How can I know the services of hotel/agency and of room/apartment?

The services of hotel/apartment are listed in the details of the accommodation facility, included the services with fee listed in the box.To know the specific services of the hotel room, you have to click on Room Detail: here you will find out pictures of the room, description and facilities.

How do I know if the hotel is fully equipped for the disabled?

You can look at the list of services of each accommodation facility, also ensuring that the booked room has the required services. It will be shown that it is accessible and suitable for people with disability. In case of further questions, you can contact directly the hotel/agency.

Can I choose a hotel room other than the standard?

Yes, if the chosen hotel has other types of room. Just click on the desired room types and make your reservation.