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At the eastern edge of the region, in the province of Gorizia and at the border with Slovenia, Collio is an area of ​​production of fine wines to which, among the first in Italy, has been recognized since 1968 the Denomination of Origin controlled (DOC).

Friuli is famous for its excellent wines, known and exported in all over the world and, in fact, it speaks in general of Vineyard Friuli, in which there are different characteristic zones.

Even tourists that stay in Lignano, taste the typical wines of the regional cellars and vineyards, but if they want to make an unforgettable experience, we suggest an excursion in the area of Collio.

At the eastern patch of the region, in province of Gorizia and close to the border with Slovenia, the Collio is an area of production of fine wines to which, among the first in Italy, has been recognized since 1968 the Controlled designation of origin (DOC).

From the hills of San Floriano and Oslavia above Gorizia to the hills of Ruttars, Lonzano and Vencò on the banks of the river Judrio, that one marked the border between Italy and Austria, it is a succession of rolling hills with small villages and vineyards, which stretch for about 1600 hectares.

This hilly area is developed almost continuously along a direction east-west, showing large surfaces exposed to the south, well suited to a highly skilled viticulture.
This situation has favoured the cultivation of vines since ancient times.

Land of great white wines, Collio has a large productions of Pinot, Tocai Friulano, Sauvignon and of renowned White Collio.
Among the red wines excel the Red Collio, Cabernet and Merlot.

Between excellent wines and beautiful landscapes, where are located small towns surrounded by vineyards, you can also taste wines directly in the producing cellars and relax along streets lined by rolling rows.
On every hill stands a small village around its church and castles witness the rich past of the region. It is possible then add the wine tour also the visit to small towns like Cormons.

Obviously wines accompany the cuisine of the area, that is a very original mix of Austrian, Friulian and Slovene traditions: recipes handed down from generation to generation make the gastronomy of Gorizia something special.

Among the typical dishes of these areas there is the ham in the bread sprinkled with grated horseradish, the jota (a soup of sauerkraut, potatoes, beans and beef or pork rind) the Friulian barley and beans soup, the Austrian bread gnocchi, in spring the omlettes with herbs, while in autumn muset and brovade (pork sausage with white turnips grated and fermented in the marc), goulash ( spicy in infinite variations), the kaiserfleisch (smoked pork, sprinkled with fresh horseradish and served with sauerkraut and bread gnocchi) the venison with polenta, veal or pork shank.

Among the dessert, the Gubana rules, a roll of puff pastry filled with nuts, raisins, candied citron, pine nuts and walnuts.

For a moment of relaxation under the trees, the Bosco Romagno is the ideal place. Bosco Romagno is a nature park of 53 hectares. Inside there is a fitness trail and several paths to easily enter the forest, where you can glimpse deers, wildcats, foxes, badgers, squirrels and dormice. If you want to eat a packed lunch and have a rest, tables and benches are placed in strategic places.

Not only excellent flavours that delight the palate, but also landscapes of the past to relax body and mind.

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