Abbigliamento Designer and casual clothing for all tastes In Lignano there are many clothing stores. Dozens and dozens of shops to suit all tastes and all occasion illuminate the pedestrian streets of Lignano until late evening, offering tourists high fashion and casual clothing. Max Calzature Abbigliamento Accessori, Calzature 016, Maxim Pelletterie,
Alimentari Fruit and vegetable shops, butchers and delicatessen In addition to supermarkets, Lignano offers also a great number of small groceries with very special products, shops with fresh fruit and vegetable, butchers and delicatessen. All very useful to do quick shopping a short walk from your accommodation.
Calzature High heels shoes, flip-flops or sports shoes? Near the many clothing stores there are dozens of shoe stores with a wide range of models for children and adults, suitable for the beach, the walk and an elegant evening. In addition, shoe stores in Lignano have a preview of the winter collections! Max Calzature Abbigliamento Accessori, Calzature 016,
Negozi Everything for shopping In Lignano you can find everything: clothing, souvenirs, gifts, hardware and toys stores. Hundreds of businesses to suit every need during your beach holiday. Bezzan Walter, Max Calzature Abbigliamento Accessori, Maxim Pelletterie, Island, Calzature 016,
Supermercati From large European supermarket chains to mini-markets Open from morning until evening with a large parking and many products of the most different brands. Supermarkets and hard-discounts are located in different points of Lignano to satisfy the needs of all tourists on holiday. There are also mini-markets, jewels with local products along the streets near the beach.
Occhiali Sunglasses and eyeglasses We need to see better, to protect our eyes from the sun, they are sometimes a status. In Lignano, however, you can do without a pair of sunglasses, which are sports, colourful or large and elegant, like the movie stars. Or you can change the colour of your eyes wiht coloured contact lenses, or even buy new glasses that give that touch of class to your face.
Fiorerie For those with green fingers... plants and flowers are also in Lignano! In the many florists of the city you can find wonderful plants for home and garden and a lot of flowers of all types and colours, in as well as pot and garden furniture. In addition, florists make also home delivery service, if you want to make a gift. Fioreria Sogno verde,
Negozi per animaili Coats and food for our four-legged friends Who is on holiday in Lignano with her faithful four-legged friend will find several shops dedicated to him. Everything you need for food, then soft dog beds, leashes, coats and even grooming service.
Gioiellerie Watches, necklaces and bracelets In Lignano you can impress your sweetheart with a beautiful gift: a necklace, a bracelet, a watch and, for the more adventurous, a fantastic engagement ring! In the jewelers you will find the major brands with the latest models on the market.
Articoli per la casa Not only pots, but also design objects A beautiful house with particular objects is everyone's dream. Why not enjoy a holiday in Lignano to buy that vase that would look so good in the living room, or the sheets with the colours of the sea or even to change the set of pots in the kitchen?
Articoli da regalo Toys for children and not only Coming back at home from the holidays in Lignano do you have someone's birthday? Do you wish to give a small gift to your children or to yourself? No problem! In Lignano you will be able to satisfy desires of children and adults, thanks to the many shops offering gift items. From toys to household items, you will be spoilt for choice. Fioreria Sogno verde,
Fotografia A souvenir of your holiday in Lignano If you want to print out the photos of your holiday in Lignano, you can go to the photographers of the city. In addition to the standard formats, you can choose to print a special photo on a t-shirt, on a pillow or on a cup for breakfast, to remind even at home the magic of the beach of Lignano.
Bigiotterie Necklace, bracelets, rings to be fashionable Clothing accessories are a must in Lignano: colourful for the day, very elegant with glittering stones for the night. Whether you are in bathing suit or with a smart dress, you must wear necklace, bracelet and earrings. And, for those who dare, coloured had bands and huge hats.