Zoo Park in Lignano, learning with fun



For all children that spend the holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro, there is not only the wonderful sea with the soft sand, where to build castles and tracks for marbles. The city built for them and their families also a theme and amusement park, to spend entertaining days and evenings with the whole family.

Lignano counts several parks located along the entire city, which differs for the type of offered park (theme park, amusement park, zoo) and for the age at which they are dedicated.

Parks where children can have pure fun are the Luna Park Strabilia, the water park Aquasplash, the amusement parks Gommosi and Junior Park. Besides these amusement parks, there are also a park that have developed an educational and nature-based tourism, as well as a family tourism. This is the Zoo Punta Verde.

Let's start with the Zoo, that offers their guests green areas with the opportunity to learn about the environment, history and geography.

The Parco Zoo Punta Verde is located in Lignano Riviera, in the nature and it was born in 1980. The whole park covers an area of 18 hectares in a large bend of the river Tagliamento, which characterizes the vegetation and the beautiful landscapes.

The zoo is a unique space, where you can pass from one area to another in a natural way, with the gradual change of vegetation and habitat through paths and small bridges, that cross lakes and canals full of aquatic plants with wonderful colours. The zoo is now home for 1500 animals belonging to 200 different species and for all animals, the staff constantly recreate the right habitat in a wider area as possible.

Every summer there are also some activities for the public to teach the respect for the environment and also to learn about the different animals. Children can take part in a sort of summer camp, where through the play, learn many about nature and animals.

Days dedicated to the meetings with the lemurs, the ring-tailed monkeys, enjoyed a great success.


In this park in Lignano Riviera not only children, but also adults can have fun and be surprised watching the beautiful animals or reading some particular information about their lives and habitats.