Windsurfing in Lignano during your holiday

Windsurf is one of the favourite sport to do on holiday and also in Lignano Sabbiadoro!

During the summer season there are different points in the Lignano's beach where you can rent equipment and take courses to ride the Adriatic's waves in a short time .

An example? There are trial lessons for the beginners from 2 hours, short courses of 5 hours and complete courses for the beginners of 8 hours, as well as courses for children and courses for those who can surf already, never exceed 8 hours.

In addition, you can also do private lessons with the instructors.

You can try all this at a moderate price just to offer everyone the possibility to try this amazing sport.

So this is a sport suitable for all the tourists on holiday in Lignano, even those who can spend only few days on holiday at sea and for those who wants a special emotion to take with themselves at home.

The waves of Lignano aren't how the legendary ocean's waves, but they are perfect to learn and to have fun!
Indeed, every day, there are sails that covered and colour the sea horizon and it's very funny for those people who stay on the beach and see the sails "run" on the sea.

In addition, for the lovers of this beautiful sport, Lignano's beach is perfect during the bad autumn days, when there is lots of wind and waves get higher.
In these windy days, you can see many fans with their boards and sails, in Piazza Marcello D'Olivo, ready to ride the waves and to have fun with rain and wind!

In the summer, of course, this is different. Days like this do not happen and for this reason even the beginners can safely do windsurfing and sailing without too much difficulty on the sea of Lignano.

The windsurf schools, with qualified instructors, are located in Lignano Pineta at the office 7 and in Lignano Sabbiadoro at the Wind Village, office 7,and at the Banana Bread, office 19.