Can I write the review in my language?

Yes, you can post the review in your language and it will be published as well as you write it. Eventually the comment may be translated automatically into other languages.

Does Lignano.it edit reviews?

No! Lignano.it publishes the reviews as they are. However, if the comment contains words or phrases obscene and / or offensive, Lignano.it reserves the right not to publish it.

Does Lignano.it publish all reviews?

Yes, on Lignano.it are published reviews of all users.

Can I leave a comment in anonymous form?

Yes, you can do it. It will be shown only the nation and the date of publication of the review. You have to choose the option "Anonymous".

Can I edit my review?

Yes, you can use the same link in the e-mail that you received as invitation to write a comment up to 3 months after the date of your stay.

How can I write a review on hotel/agency?

You will receive by e-mail an invitation to write a review on the accommodation facility in which you stayed. The e-mail will be sent you in 5/10 days after the date of departure from the hotel/agency you spent the holiday.