Payment and Credit Card

Have I to pay some amount at the arrival in hotel/agency?

Usually yes, however it depends on the terms of payment of the hotel/agency you booked. If was the credit card as guarantee, upon arrival you must pay the whole amount of the reservation because you have not been previously charged anything. In the other cases, you will need to pay the balance of the booking amount and what you have already been charged to your credit card in accordance with the Terms of Payment of the accommodation facility.

Why hotel/agency has charged my credit card?

The accommodation facility may have made different types of charge:  A pre-authorisation: it is not a charge, but a check validity that temporarily blocks the amount of the reservation on you credit card. The amount will be available after a certain period of time, in accordance with the provisions of the accommodation facility and the credit card company. A deposit or prepayment: some accommodation facilities require a deposit or the payment of the entire stay at the moment of the reservation...

What is the difference between pre-authorisation and a charge on my credit card?

Pre-authorisation is a check on the credit card and the availability of the amount of the reservation. This amount has been temporarily blocked depending on the terms of the hotel/agency.The credit card will not be charged.  Quite the contrary, the charge provides that an amount is immediately deducted from the balance of the credit card.

What is pre-authorisation?

Pre-authorisation consists in checkin your credit card by the credit card company on request of the hotel/agency.The credit card company check the validity of the credit card and that it has not been loss or stolen. In addition it may be check also if the card has enough money to cover the transaction. This is communicated in the form of a pre-authorisation of the full amount of your reservation. This means that the hotel/agency will not proceed with the charge.

Does Lignano.it ask for a reservation fee?

No, Lignano.it does not charge any fees.

What happens to my personal information?

Sensitive data and the data of credit cards provided by the users for the completion and confirmation of reservations and for the information requests made ​​on the portal Lignano.it pass from the portal www.lignano.it to single facilities, to which reservations and request information relates, through secure certified connections. Lignano.it does not hold sensitive data entered by users.

How are my credit card data protected?

All personal data and credit card information are encrypted via HTTPS protocol, which ensures the transfer of confidential information.  Any payment transaction is performed directly at the site of the bank which guarantees the transaction with its security protocols. The data are known and managed solely by the bank, Lignano.it does not retain any data.

Credit card as guarantee. What does it mean?

It means that the credit card data are requested as guarantee of the reservation and no charges will be made.The whole amount of the reservation will be payd directly in hotel or agency.

When will my credit card charged?

It depends by the hotel/agency.

Will my credit car charged?

It depends on the Terms of Payment of the hotel/agency. The accommodation facility can request a deposit or a payment in advance at the moment of reservation. In this case, your credit card will be charged. If the Cancellation Policy provides a free cancellation, this amount is returned to you if you choose to cancel your reservation. If, however, it provides a cancellation fee, this will be charged on your credit card.To know the amount of the deposit and cancellation fee, move the cursor on t...

Which types of credit cards can I use?

You can use Mastercard and Visa.

Does the Hotel/Agency ask for a deposit or an advance payment?

It depends on the hotel/agency. To know the Terms of Payment, go to the tab of apartment/room you are interested. Move the cursor on the text regardin the reservation under the name of the apartment or of the room (in this case you must click before on "Room detail"). The cursor changes on a question mark and a window will be open with the Terms of Payment and Cancellations. This information is also present under the form of reservation of the apartment/room.

Do you need my credit card data at the moment of the booking?

Yes, but it depends on the hotel/agency. In some accommodation facilities you can book and pay the deposit by bank transfer or other means.