Nordic Walking on the beach

A nice walk by the sea with sticks. It is the Nordic Walking that you can play on the beach of Lignano!


We could define it an "on the beach" version, which can become a good time to do fitness in the open air even for tourists who spend few days on holiday on the beach.
It is beautiful to rest on the sunbeds under the beach umbrella or plunge into the sea, but also it is amazing one hour a day walk on the sand with sticks.

Walking do right, is an easy activity that is always recommended by everybody, the medics specially say that walk is very useful for people who do a sedentary work. So walk on the beach trains all feet and legs muscles and with Nordic Walking sticks gives benefit to arms and back.

If you do this with a group of people gives also well-being to the mood!


In Lignano Sabbiadoro you can do lessons with instructors of ASD Nordic Walking Lignano Sabbiadoro.
With a short course they teach you to use the sticks on the right way, to maintain a right body posture and walk using all your foot.

The courses are organized weekly from Monday and Wednesday at 3 pm and Saturday at 10 am and the meeting place is at the Terrazza Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The ideal clothing for this sport is a good pair of training shoes, short trousers and a t-shirt (in the summer, obviously). In addition the association gives you the sticks for the entire course.
During your sea holidays in Lignano you can have the chance to do physic exercise without put under stress the articulations and it gives advantages to the body.


So Nordic Walking is perfect for women who want to tone up muscles and lose weight.
But it's perfect for everybody because it increases endurance, strength, mobility of the entire body and coordination.
Aspects that, with the type of present life, become increasingly more difficult to develop and maintain.


There are no excuses!
Nordic Walking is also an excellent activity for those who are on holiday in Lignano, for the beginners and experts.
Here you can practice in a small corner of paradise, directly on the beach breathing the good sea air, or in parks and pinewoods, enjoying the coolness and peace.

We are waiting for you with sticks to try Nordic Walking... on the beach in Lignano Sabbiadoro!