Lignano by bike

Lignano, recently defined as “Citadel of Sport”, offers the chance to everyone to regenerate body and mind, get fit or simply stretch a little bit and leave behind the sedentary lifestyle and the stress of the daily grind.

Just to offer everyone, from children to elderly, the chance to move easily, the Friulian beach gave and continues to give a big impulse to the construction of bike lanes in the entire seaside resort and on the beautiful lagoon. A bike ride to relax or simply a ride from the hotel or apartment to the beach or the city centre is part of the holidays in Lignano.

Bike has become the means of transport par excellence for the holiday: tourists that have the ability to reach Lignano by car love to bring their bikes with them and thanks to the increase of this passion, most hotels offers free the bike rental service. Who spend the holiday in an apartment can go in one of the several bike rentals and choose a bike, a rickshaw or a tandem!
In fact, many tourists prefer to leave the car parked and take advantage of the bicycles to reach all points of Lignano both in the day and in the evening and discover beautiful panoramas and views, where quiet and nature reign.

Bicycle lanes allow people to ride safely also in the evening thanks to the very good lighting and this give to the guests of Lignano a pleasant feeling, and also have a positive impact on the city: less cars and less pollution.

For those who loves to cover long distances by bike, has enough resistance and wishes to discover also the surroundings of Lignano, there is the chance to take part in excursions with tour leader starting from Terrazza a Mare. A calendar provides the days of the weeks in which there are excursions with different difficulty: it starts with a tour in Lignano along the bike lanes, to arrive to the mountain bike excursion along the river Tagliamento and enjoy wonderful views.

Bicycle in Lignano is the ideal means of transport to reach all the places of the city in an easy and relaxing way and, at the same time, make a pleasant sport also with friends!