Keep in shape with the SUP!

A very special way to keep in form having fun on holiday is the SUP, the Stand Up Paddling!

In Lignano there is a large group of people of all ages, who practice this sport at both competitive and recreational level and everyone can easily lear how to paddle to spend pleasant hours in the sea.

What's SUP?
The Stand Up Paddling is a water sport, you can do it in the seas, in the rivers and in the lakes even with very few wind, where standing on a board similar to that from surf paddling with the appropriate roar.
Almost like the gondoliers...

In reality it is much more!
As you can see, there are in Lignano Sabbiadoro sportsmen that come from other sports, just like wind and kitesurfing, who practice the speed SUP, and lovers of this discipline and especially of well being that make it for pleasure.

Paddling standing along the coast relaxes the mind, you can admire the beach of Lignano and the sea from another perspective and train the body in a non-intensive and stressful way.
In short, the physical activity for a regenerating holiday, to forget the daily stress and to get away for a few hours from the hustle of the city and the beach listen to the sound of the sea.

In addition you can practice SUP even with few wind and this offers a considerable advantage for all tourists that want to try this sport during their holiday in Lignano.

In Lignano there are different points where try this discipline and in few lessons with qualified teachers, adults and children can discover wonderful spots of natural beauty with the board to paddle:
the mouth of the river Tagliamento, the l
agoon of Marano, the many little islands near the beach and the lighthouse of Bibione.

Along the beach there are several access points, with rentals and courses: in Lignano Sabbiadoro the beach office 19 Windfun and the 7 Windvillage and the new info and test point of NEWA association (North East Watersport Association) in Piazzale Marcello D'Olivo in Lignano Pineta.

For those who want to relax in the middle of the sea with a little bit of physical activity and discover the natural beauty of Lignano Sabbiadoro and surroundings from a very special point of view, the SUP is the ideal sport.

But it is also for those who want to test themselves with surfboard and paddle as fast as possible on the waters of Lignano with other racers!