Flying over the sea with parasail!

Water sports are always very exciting, but each of us has the desire, one in a lifetime, to "fly" and in Lignano Pineta you have the opportunity to fly over the sea like a palette full of colours and shades.

How to realize this dream?
Thanks to funny parasail! An alternative way to use a parachute, with which you can immerse yourself in the emotion of the flight and enjoy the magnificent landscape offered by the sea and the beach of Lignano.

But how it all works?
It's very easy because this activity does not require great physical effort and it consists to be towed by a motor boat with a parachute created for this activity of pure fun.

Obviously you are harnessed to ensure all the necessary security and you are raised from the sea shore. The speed of the boat allows it to gradually inflate the parachute to hoist in into the air.

So you just have to you get carried away by boat and parachute and enjoy the view of Lignano from a different point, enjoying the sea breeze.

At the same time parasailing allows you to play two activities open air: to fly for about 10 minutes and take a boat excursion for about 60 minutes.

The moments which may worry more about those who want to try this activity are the "take-off" and the "landing", but don't worry: both take place gently on the boat perfectly dry and with a professional instructos to help the participants.

Parasail can be do in any moment of the day
, because you don't need wind to raise in flight. But the most beautiful moments to admire the landscape from the top and also enjoy the boat excursion in the sea of Lignano are the early morning and late afternoon.

Still not convinced?
Then we give you another reason to try this experience during your sea holiday: first you will find that the fun does not fail, and then you can choose to fly alone or in "tandem", that is to share this wonderful experience with another person in the same parachute.

In this case the fun is assured!

Another positive factor is that this sport is for everyone, for all aged, because it doesn't require no special physical abilities and preparation so that is perfect for any tourist who wants to enjoy a different experience during the holiday in Lignano.

In the city you can do parasail in Lignano Pineta at the Pagoda's pier and spend moments of pure fun.

Anyone can fly in Lignano with parasail, we are waiting for you!