Covid-19: General provisions

Some useful general information and regional provisions on nose and mouth protections.



  1. Is the use of face masks mandatory even in grocery stores?

No. It is mandatory to cover nose and mouth.
The face masks is recommended, but you can use also a scarf.

The use of disposable gloves is mandatory.


  1. Is the use of personal protective equipment mandatory on public transportation?

Yes. On all means of public transportation in Friuli Venezia Giulia it is mandatory to use nose and mouth protections (mask or scarf). The use of gloves is not mandatory.


  1. Are the protections for nose and mouth mandatory even for children?

Yes, starting from 6 years.




  1. Are pet grooming services open?

Yes, but only by appointment and with all rules about social distancing and nose and mouth protections.


  1. It is dog sitting allowed?



  1. Are go-kart tracks open?

Yes, with the obligation to sanitize the vehicles and accessories before each new use and to daily sanitize the rooms.


  1. Can rides open?

Yes, with the same requirements as for go-karts.


  1. What are the rules for travel by car?

None if the passengers live together in the same group.

Otherwise, the use of nose and mouth protections and the distance of 1 meter is necessary. For company vehicles, apply the employers instructions.


  1. And for taxis and NCC?

Two passengers can travel, but spaced as far apart as possible and both in the rear seats.


  1. Must I always keep the interpersonal distance?

Yes, except between cohabitants.


  1. Is it possible travel and sleep in the camper within Friuli Venezia Giulia respecting the modalities foreseen by the rules of road?

Yes. Travel in Friuli Venezia Giulia is always allowed without distinction of vehicle.


  1. Are the adventure parks open?

Yes, with the obligation to sanitize the equipment.


  1. Is navigation allowed?



  1. Can I fish?

Yes, both from boats and inland waters and from land.


  • When I fish, must I wear the face mask?

Yes if the fishing is in places where there can be other fishermen, for example sport fishing ponds.


  1. Can I go diving?



  • Are gloves mandatory in all businesses?

No. Their use is limited to grocery stores, including markets and supermarkets, where the customers directly handles goods.

In other stores, it is mandatory to make available to customers at the entrance disposable gloves and / or hydroalcoholic solutions for the hands.


  • Can I access sports facilities?

Yes, but only to recover necessary equipment and to carry out the activity. Changing rooms and recreation areas cannot be use.


  1. Can I do sport with people outside my family?

Yes, respecting the minimum distance of 2 meters.


Considering that these measures can be modified by new government provisions, we advise you to stay informed via our website and our Facebook page.