COVID-19: FAQ about Holidays 2020 in Lignano Sabbiadoro

A list of questions and answers about Lignano and how the city is preparing to safely welcome tourists this summer.





  1. When does the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro open?

The beach is open from 18 May 2020. It is possible to walk, do sports individually, sunbathe and swim.
All regulations about social distancing and safety are rules still valid.


  1. When do the beach offices open?

The beach offices of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta and Riviera open on 30 may 2020.

This means that from May 30 the beach umbrella rental service, toilets, rescue service, kiosks and bars on the beach are available.


  1. How will the beach organized?

There will be entry and exit routes to keep the distance and avoid crowds.

All staff will have face masks and gloves.

Toilets and beach equipment will be sanitized several times a day, as per DPCM.

Customers are asked to respect the social distancing and all the provisions relating to the anti Covid-19 safety rules.

In addition, in Lignano Pineta beach tourists will receive a coloured identification bracelets and at the entrance to the beach they will find dispensers with sanitizing gel.


  1. What will be the space of the beach umbrellas?

According to the DPCM of 17 May 2020, each beach umbrella has a minimum space of 12 m2.

Dealers of Lignano beach are organizing to offer even more spaces.


  1. How can I book a beach umbrella?

We recommend to favour the online booking and payment, so that to avoid queues and crowds at the beach office desks.

Here you find the websites for the online booking:

Lignano Sabbiadoro beach

Lignano Pineta beach

Lignano Riviera beach


  1. Should I use the face masks at the beach?

The mask must be used in closed space like toilets, beach bars and kiosk and also outdoors when the minimum distance of 1 meter can not be respected.

It is not mandatory when sunbathing and going into the sea, always respecting the minimum distance of 1 meter.

It is mandatory to have the mask always with you.


  1. Do children wear the face mask?

Yes, starting from 6 years and in the same way as in the previous point.


  1. Can I do sport on the beach?

You can play only individual sports that are usually played on the beach, just like matkot, or in the water, as swimming, kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing. Social distancing must be always respected.

Team sports are not allowed and for this reason beach soccer, beach volley and bocce courts will not be available.


  1. There will be entertainment service for children and adults?

No, entertainment service will not be available on the beach.

The playgrounds for children on the beach are open. We ask adults to supervise children.


  1. How will be beach bars, restaurants and kiosk organized?

In order to avoid crowds, the take away service will be favoured with orders from under the beach umbrella and relative take away at the kiosk and bars on the beach.

As per DPCM of 17 May 2020, in bars and restaurant there is the social distancing of 1 meter, the face mask must be worn when not sitting at the table.


  1. It will be possible the use of the free beaches?

The free beaches are confirmed.

A stake stuck in the sand marks the areas in which it is possible to stay in maximum 5 people, excluding children under 12 years following their parents.

The beach equipment such as deckchairs, towels and sunbeds, if not positioned in the nearby of the stake, must guarantee a distance of at least 1,5 m.

Exception for the member of the same family, for those staying in the same room or housing unit, for subjects who, according to national and regional provisions, are not subject to social distancing.


  • Can I stay with deckchair, towels, inflatable equipment, etc. on the shoreline?

No, the area of 5 meters of the shoreline is exclusively for the free transit with ban of permanence, excluding emergency vehicles.

In the presence of bathing establishment it is forbidden to stay with the same equipment even in the area that extends beyond 5 meters, up to the first row of beach umbrellas.


  1. Will be the beach fenced?

It is possible, to respect the social distancing and avoid crowds. There will be access and exit gates.

From 23.00 to 5.00 the access to the beach is forbidden to protect the sanitized equipment and the public health.



Considering that these measures can be modified by new government provisions, we advise you to stay informed via our website and our Facebook page.