I didn't find the confirmation e-mail. What can I do?

We recommend you to contact directly the hotel/agency you booked. As last option, you can contact Lignano.it at the e-mail address info@lignano.it giving more information as possible about your reservation. In this way we will help you as soon as possible.

How can I cancel or change my reservation?

In the confirmation email there is a link ("Control Panel") through which you can only cancel the reservation. If you want change the confirmed reservation, you must contact directly the booked hotel/agency.

How do I know if my booking has been cancelled?

You will receive an email with the confirmation of cancellation. This happens only if you cancel clicking the link on the e-mail of confirmation of reservation you have previously received.

Where can I find the cancellation policy of the hotel/agency?

Cancellation policy is included in the details of each room/apartment of the search result. You must move your cursor that becomes a question mark on the text about the kind of reservation near the price. It will appear a window with all information about cancellation, fee and payment kind. The cancellation policy is also listed under the reservation form, along with payment terms.

Will I pay a cancellation fee if I want to cancel my reservation? If yes, what kind?

The presence or not of a cancellation fee and its amount varies from hotel to hotel and from agency to agency.Cancellation policy include the single accommodation facility in Lignano Sabbiadoro, it is not imposed by Lignano.it.Therefore also vary the types and methods of application of penalties.  It is good to check the cancellation policy and the cancellation fee in the details of the hotel/agency. Move your cursor on the text about the kind of reservation near the price of room/apartment, it...