Yachting, in the Lignano sea

Are you tired of being under the sun all day?
Do you want to go out into the sea, but not with the usual pedal boat?

The the solution for you is yachting!

Do yachting doesn't mean just learning notions, simple or complex that are, but is an excellent opportunity to wake up and use your senses in the nature to rediscover yourself.
In addition the sailing boat will make you discover the importance of an atmospheric phenomenon that often we don't give weight: the wind.

Yachting is a water sport that is different from others because it wants the use of a boat in which there are one or more persons with the appropriate life vests.

You can try this exciting adventure in Lignano thanks to the "Centro Velico Alto Adriatico" of the Ge.Tur. (holiday village) and to the yachting school "Yacht Club", on the beach at the office 7 Wind Village of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

In addition to the concepts and explanations on how to conduct a sailing boat, you will have the possibility to choose the most suitable boat for your needs and the necessary equipment to sail in safety and make you feel like real a sea dog.

This activity takes place during the summer time, from June to September, and can be done by anyone at any age because there are different boats according to the needs:

  • optimist suited to younger, 
  • 420 suited for those who want to participate in pair and 
  • laser for those who want to participate individually.

That's fine then for tourists on holiday in Lignano who can enjoy an excursion in the sea trying to sail, maybe in pair to make it even more fun!

This sailing boat allows you to sail in the open sea for a day or, those who can, to continue the course for all the summer.

Yachting may seem a very simple sport that doesn't requires any skill, where most part of the job is done by the boat.
On the contrary, it is an activity that requires a practical and theoretical part based on the principles of navigation and study of the boat, basic knowledge to navigate safely and so spend really quiet and funny hours.

In addition yachting is a sport in contact with nature which teaches respect for the environment, especially of the sea that in Lignano is very important, and it's also useful for young people because it gives them the opportunity to create collaboration and complicity.

Unlike other water sports, it is an activity that requires a proper study of the terms of the boat and nature, especially the wind, a phenomenon that if you know in more depth can benefit your boat ride.

But do not panic. For a trip in the sea, the study of the therms and the learning of knowledges are fast and easy and above all you will be constantly assisted by the instructors.

What are you waiting?

The summer is here, enjoy you an alternative day out at sea during your holidays in Lignano!