Sport on the beach in Lignano for everybody

A holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro allows to regenerate mind and body: in a place where natural environment is healthy and the daily stress is far away, it is possible to take a rest and especially to be in form.

The beach and the city of Lignano offer the chance to practice also in holiday many sports, indeed, very often the beach holiday encourages tourists to do physical activities in the nature. Obviously marine sports such as swimming, sailing, windsurfing and canoeing are among the most popular also among children. In fact along the beach there are many schools with trained teachers, that give a course of different length and level. At the entrance of every beach office there are information about courses that are held in that specific area and you can request information directly to teachers.

But also the beach is a very good open-air gym, for those who want to stay in form and also for people who want only stretch. The soft sand allows to make sport also barefooted and gives a special sensation, besides to stimulate the soles of the feet and the blood circulation. Thanks to the animation teams, in every beach office is possible to take part in lessons of water gym, muscle toning, stretching, evening dances and, for the children, baby dance. Lessons are held during the coolest hours of the day, especially group dances and baby dance are in the late afternoon to entertain and relax even more tourists. To know times and locations of the lessons, just look at the posters in the beach offices. Do not forget that all this free!

Those who like to breathe the fresh and healthy sea air of the early morning, running or walking on the sand are a panacea! The beach of Lignano is full of people from dawn until dusk: lovers of running take advantage of these cooler hours and without confusion to practice their favourite sport.

But if you want to run also during the day, perhaps in the late afternoon, then the pine wood of Hemingway Park, Sea Park and the streets of Lignano Riviera are the right places. Thanks to the big maritime pines and other trees, these areas are shaded and cooler. In the two parks it is not difficult to see sportsmen and tourists that instead take advantage of the cool for a nap on the grass!

The beach of Lignano is the ideal not only for a suntan, but also for the sport and the fun of adults and children.

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