Rowing, best way to train body and mind

Are you a lover of nature, its harmony and pace and at the same time of the physical exercise?
Rowing is the right solution for you also on holiday.

In fact you don't need many hours of courses to be able to get out safely with the boat and spend time in the sea or lagoon in Lignano.
Even during a short holiday, it is possible to approach the rowing and discover its many positives and the charm to stay in the water doing healthy physical exercise while admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Many people thinks that it's a difficult and boring sport, however can be a great and fun hobby for anyone wants to spend a day in touch with the nature in all its beauty and peace.
And in Lignano there is a lot of beautiful nature! Just think of the area of the lagoon, of the Tagliamento river and obviously of the sea, winner also this year of the Blue Flag.

Rowing allows to do a dual experience: the technical skill of "rowing" gives you the chance to do a sport in which are involved all body muscles, but also it allows you to know, love and admire the beautiful fauna and flora of the different zones in Lignano.

Another positive thing is the self-control: water gives you the opportunity to know yourself and it make us understand how, in a different environment where we don't have the ground under the feet, we are able to control our behaviour.
The rowing becomes therefore also a mental and physical experience, where to test both the body and mind and also the character.

Every year, the rowing club of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the CCL, born in 2004, organizes rowing lessons in harbour and lagoon, including also the city of Marano and the islands.
The departure point for courses and trips is "Porto dei Residenti" (porto Casoni) in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Rowing can be done not only during the summer season, but also in winter: in fact in the colder months, especially in December, January and February, you can train with the specific equipment in the gym. In this way you can prepare the muscles to be able to make beautiful excursions in the open sea during the summer!

Still not convinced? The CCL's courses are for everyone from 10 to 70 years old.

This club organizes races and it also thinks of the entertainment of theirs members and tourists who, with or without a boat, can quickly learn how to make simple trips.
So you can see new places like the lagoon, admiring animals that live there and visiting its "casoni", typical houses of fishermen, often changed in excellent small fish restaurants.

Rowing has different positive aspects: it offers fun, helps to develop the body and works on self-control.

We can try this fantastic experience right in Lignano!

The Circolo Canottieri is in Porto Casoni (Porto dei Residenti) in via Lagunare, Lignano Sabbiadoro.