Lignano Spa: Mességué Centre

The Lignano Spa is located in the area of Lignano Riviera, facing the beach and the sea.

The Spa is modern with a wide offer of services for the health, the beauty and the wellness and with specialized professionals.


Particularly, the Spa Lignano is also Mességué Centre, method specialized in natural weight loss, and also in basic and specific aesthetics always according to the nature.


At the Mességué Centre in Lignano Riviera it is possible to find services of specific, basic aesthetics and solarium.


Here more details:


  • Specific Aesthetics

The line is called “perfection” and provides face and body treatments with natural methods.

Near these treatments, there are also cutting-edge technologies to remodel and tone the body and the face.


  • Basic Aesthetics

Manicure, pedicure and waxing to be always in order.


  • Solarium

In the absence of sun or to prepare for a natural tan, the Mességué Centre of Lignano offers also the solarium with tanning bed and facial tanning.


  • Holistic Harmony

For those who feel not in “equilibrium”, holistic harmony is the right therapy to encourage inner serenity. Through natural, energetic and spiritual methods, this new profession helps individuals to seek for the psychophysical harmony.


  • Yoga

At the Mességué Centre in Lignano you can practice yoga. Thanks to its exercises and the meditation, yoga can improves the quality of your life.



The different services offered by the Lignano Spa allow you to relax, get in shape and feel good in body and mind.
In addition, during the summer season, the beach that is part of the thermal establishment is equipped with large beach umbrellas and large sunbeds, small tables and comfortable chairs.

The Spa of Lignano and the Centre Mességué are open daily from 9am to 7pm.